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Curious How the Design Process Works?



Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our team will typically meet at your site for about 2 hours.  During this consultation we will be discussing your needs and determine the scope of work required. We will make suggestions regarding design ideas and discuss the budget that you have in mind for the project. With this information Jessica Touhey Designs will have all the elements required to create a Design Fee Proposal (typically within the following week). $270.00 (+GST)


Step 2: Agreement

The Design Fee Proposal and Design Agreement are signed off and a 25% deposit is collected.


Step 3: Predesign

Our team and professionals will be on site to take any and all measurements required to complete the scope of work laid out in the Proposal. A floor plan is created and a preliminary budget is put together. Preliminary design concepts are presented to client. (1-2weeks) Additional 25% of fees are collected.


Step 4: Design Phase

Finishes and fixtures are selected, approved and documented in a specification package. Any required floorplans, electrical plans, finish plans and elevations are created. Any required custom millwork concept drawings are developed, approved and sent to millwork shop. (3-4 weeks) 25% of fees are collected.


Step 5: Design Implementation

Quotes are received from required trades and suppliers. Trades, including a General Contractor if necessary, are awarded the project.  Budget is refined and full deposit is collected before purchases are made. Remaining 25% design fees are paid. (2 weeks)


Step 5: Construction and installation

All materials and products are brought to site and installed. Any unexpected Work Change Orders or additional site visits not outlined in the scope shall be charged at an hourly rate (travel at half hourly rate). (Time dependent on scope of project)


Step 6: Reveal

Project is complete and ready to enjoy!

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